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"when the gates of Heaven are thrown open, I’d tears in my eyes.  Best of all, Tomas had engaged a wonderful young soprano, Emily Mitchell, for the all important solo part in the last movement.  If I say that she reminded me of a young Lucia Popp, I can give no higher praise." http://wholeelephant.co.uk/tag/tomas-leakey/

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Dunedin Consort - Guide to opera:-

Each video in this weekly series will introduce children to a different element of opera. From staging and costumes to conducting and composing, through to the backstage team.  This series will include contributions from a range of special guests, including the composer Errollyn Wallen, director Frederic Wake-Walker, choreographer Ricardo Barros, writer Wesley Stace, conductor Holly Mathieson, baritone Matthew Brook and Scottish Opera’s Head of Costumes Lorna Price.

Episode 2 - the story [click here]

Scottish Opera- Gondoliers:-

Scottish Opera Chorus and Orchestra perform 'Dance a Cachucha' from Gondoliers virtually [click here]


Scottish Opera - Couples in Quarantine:-

OPERAtion Quarantine - 'Familien-Gemälde' [click here]

Soprano   Emily Mitchell

Baritone   Jerome Knox

Dunedin Consort - Making Music:-

See our most recent series of educational videos made for musical fun and education during the lockdown period. Here are the two I was involved in. The whole series is available from YouTube

Learning a Round [click here]

A Boat, A Boat - final video [click here]

Latest Review :- "The trio was completed by Emily Mitchellwho rendered Philistine Woman's and other Israelite Woman's arias with grace and style" Sandra Bowdler


"Mitchell shines alongside phenomenal technique and extremely agile voice, which has a great strength in the mid register and rounded height. Her fast paced Vivaldi was frantically celebrated by the audience! She was soft and touching in Handel's 'Gloria'..." Monica Köhler 

"One could feel a definite story-line from one piece to the next, and in Emily Mitchell's beautiful voice, one that is rich, dark hued and mellow at the same time" Victoria Arts Festival


"Emily Mitchell's first rate soprano solo took the part of the angel." Barnaby Milne


"...soloists Jeremy Huw Williams (baritone) and Emily Mitchell (soprano) were finally able to shine, particularly the latter in her moving account of the iconic Pie Jesu setting. "- Martin Kershaw





Important Information:-

Unfortunately due to the current Coronavirus situation, all performances for the foreseeable future in which I was due to be involved have been cancelled. As a freelance soprano, it may take some time before I will be able to share any future concert dates with you. I will of course keep my website up-to-date with new information should any of this change. In the mean time, I will post links of any online performances or recordings I should make in this time. I have already posted a few videos that have been in collaboration with opera companies as well as other vocal works. Thank you for your understanding at this time.

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